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Quality, Professional Services
Clearance to exceed customer expectations in service quality; Our experience, knowledge and know-how to keep our customer-oriented approach with a strong structure and reliability at the highest level; the customs services work to make a difference for our customers ..
Aware of Importance Time
As the service sector, our company is aware of how important the time of customs clearance services, day rates, giving due consideration to the necessary tools and technical standards for our customers is all business, and the level to respond to the document circulation, knowledgeable and experienced in all customs we serve.
Customer Satisfaction First
The best service using the latest technology, as soon as possible without compromising the quality aimed at HK Maya Clearance Vermet "First, Customer Satisfaction" philosophy steps confidently into the future, leaving behind their opponents are progressing.
The Problem Is Not The Solution Driven
Our experts in the areas of operation, we service with our young and dynamic structure.

Our company imports all kinds of covered foreign trade, export, warehousing operations, temporary import and export transactions and investment incentive certificates under the inward processing document, transit-transfer process and so on. It offers all kinds of expertise, such as customs clearance services. At the same time the airway, road and sea transport organizations serves ..

All computerized customs procedures are carried out, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to provide program services through electronic media. Thus, by providing On-Line connection with all the customs authorities, realizes the goal of reaching a maximum speed of customs clearance ..

HK Customs Brokerage MAYA; the customer with the responsibility given to him within the legal framework of the law continues to be a follower of any material and moral rights.

In the areas we serve; professionalism, quality, and product differentiation on the basis of the sector, by specializing in the services we provide and creating synergy we are trying to become the first choice of the customs sector.


To understand the needs of each business traders with whom we cooperate, we endeavor to establish the right solutions and aims to produce absolute satisfaction based on achieving a lifelong partnership.

Affordable, Reliable, Professional
Our company imports all kinds of covered foreign trade, export, free zone operations, warehouse operations, temporary import and export, processing and document processing within the scope of investment incentive certificates, transit-transfer process and so on. all kinds of expertise, such as the capacity and competence to provide customs clearance services.
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